The 38 Northern Bay   “A Better Boat”


The idea started with Perry Kuiper of the Netherlands who approached John Hutchins of Downeast Boats and Composites, Penobscot, Maine in 2001 to build a new boat; he knew John built fast boats. Perry was looking for a fast boat design to build in Europe, and so they collaborated on what would become the 38 Northern Bay.


The 38’ Northern Bay design was finalized by marine architects Chuck Paine and Mark Fitzgerald. Working with John Hutchin’s drawings and ideas they produced the final drawings in CAD.


There are 2 sets of molds for the 38 Northern Bay, a set in Maine and a set in Europe. 


* The 38 Northern Bay is a not the same boat as the 36 Northern Bay. It is a different and improved upon design.


The 38 Northern Bay is 2 ½ ft longer, its wider, and has 6 inches more freeboard.


The 38 Northern Bay provides better prop efficiency with minimized cavitation in addition to other design features.


There have been (65) 38’ Northern Bay Hulls produced to date.


We are taking orders for 38 Northern Bay Hulls & Molded Tops and Kit Boats ready to finish. Quotations based on your requirements. 


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The Northern Bay 38 is a built down style hull providing for a comfortable ride in most sea states. The Northern Bay 38 built-down style hull allows for high cruise and top end speeds while providing efficient fuel consumption with a single diesel engine.


The 38 Northern Bay is the latest development of the Downeast Maine built-down style boats used in Maine and New England waters for the past 90 years.



The 38 Northern Bay is not a stretched version of the 36 Northern Bay, it is a different and improved upon design. With a great combination of Speed, Seaworthiness and Economy, the versatile Northern Bay 38 is a great choice whether commercial fishing,  sportfishing or as a downeast cruiser. These boats are built to commercial standards using top quality materials.