Northern Bay 26

Fast, efficient and seaworthy.


The Northern Bay 26 is a real Down East Lobster boat used for lobster fishing in Maine, USA. It has a very fast
round-bilged hull that gives a smooth, stable and seaworthy ride, allowing high top and cruising speeds with a
single engine.

It's is a perfect boat for inshore waters and offers a good combination of speed, seaworthiness and economy, is very versatile and can be used for sport fishing, small commercial activities or just as a pleasure boat.

The cabin version sleeps two in the forward cabin, can have a toilet and a small galley. We can offer the Northern Bay 26 with a wheelhouse, as a Bass Boat or spacious Center Console.

The Northern Bay 26 is available with:
-diesel or gasoline sterndrive
-diesel with waterjet

This boat has a very slippery hull, is fast, comfortable and efficient with the latest outboard and compact diesel engines.

The grey Bass Boat reached a top speed of 33 knots during sea trials, it's propelled by a Volvo D3-160(hp) Aquamatic diesel stern drive. This engine uses 15 liters(4 gallon) per hour at cruising speed.

Length  26'
Beam    8' 10"
Displacement ca. 3.500 - 3.800 Lbs