Northern Bay 38

"A real Down East Lobsterboat”

The Northern Bay 38 is a real Down East Lobster boat used for lobster fishing in Maine, USA. It has a very fast S-bilged hull that gives a smooth, stable and seaworthy ride, allowing high top and cruising speeds with a single diesel engine.


This boat is the latest development of the design used along the Maine coast for more than 90 years to work at sea all day long, catching lobsters.


The Northern Bay 38 offers the perfect combination of speed, seaworthiness and economy, is very versatile and can be used for a lot of different commercial activities or just as a pleasure boat.

All our boats, fishing and pleasure, are built to workboat specs., using first class materials and heavy duty parts.


Type: Down East Lobsterboat Hull shape: S-bilged
Length: 38' Working space: 14.10'-23.61' x 13.12'/11.80'(transom)
Width: 13'4" Load cap.:  ca. 8.800 Lbs
Draft: 3'10" Engine size:  single engine from 400 to 1200 hp
Length cockpit: 14.10'-18' Engines:  Single
Displacement: ca. 15.432 - 19.841Lbs Propellor:  3 or 4 blade 28 inch
Basic engine: Nanni N9 Steering:  Hydraulic, commercial dual ram
Top speed: 31knots/2600 rpm Fueltanks:  1x265 - 400 US gal.
Cruising speed: 24 knots/2100 rpm Hatches:  Commercial grade aluminium and stainless steel
Optional engines:  FPT, Cummins, Scania, Caterpillar, Yanmar Wiring:  12/24 volt
Building material: Polyester, vinylester, Balsa or Divynicel sandwich Fuel filters: 2 x Sephar, switchable
Hull construction: Solid glass or cored Batteries:  2-4, depending on voltage
    Beds:  2 - 4
    Head / shower: yes
    Yard: Northern Bay Boats