Northern Bay Boats in the Netherlands

4 September 2014

The Northern Bay 38 Lobster boat is introduced in Europe by P. Kuiper, who developed this new model in cooperation with John F Hutchins of Down East Boats in Penobscot Maine(USA), builder of the legendary Northern Bay 36.

John supplied the design for the new Northern Bay 38 and Perry build the plug(original model) in the Netherlands. 

After the plug was finished and Perry pulled the mold of it, John came over and together they built the first production Northern Bay 38 called "Mystery Machine". Mystery Machine was shipped to the USA where John took a mold from it for production of the Northern Bay 38 in the USA and finished the boat.

In the summer of 2004 Mystery Machine was launched to be used for Lobster Fishing and won several Lobster Boat Races.

After Mystery Machine Perry builds Northern Bay's for Dutch and European customers, working closely together with John Hutchins.